In Memory of Ruby Frank


Ruby Frank, the beloved founder of Frank’s Employment, died over the weekend. She lived 88 years. And I really mean that: she LIVED! Volunteering on boards of nonprofit organizations. Participating actively in the political community, both local and national. Traveling internationally. Winning at bridge. Entertaining guests. And, oh yes, starting a woman-owned business at a time when that activity itself was trend-setting.

It’s been nearly 11 years since I first walked through the doors of Frank’s Employment.Ruby I will always remember seeing Ruby sitting at the reception desk (since the regular receptionist had already left for the day). I will remember her warm smile and twinkling eyes, but especially her quiet way of putting me at ease. I didn’t dream on that day that I would soon become a member of the permanent staff at Frank’s, learning about staffing from Ruby.

It is Ruby’s approach to business that has generated her company’s success since 1957: always truly caring about the people she was serving, from large corporations to displaced workers. It was people who motivated and inspired her to persevere, and she certainly returned that motivation and inspiration to others.

Even after she retired and her son Craig Frank took on the leadership of the family business, Ruby still called frequently to talk with the staff. Her favorite question says it all. She didn’t ask how much money I’d made for the company that day. She didn’t ask how many résumés I’d reviewed or how many clients I’d visited. She asked, “Whom did you put to work today?” It was always about the individuals. For those of us who continue her legacy in this business, it still is.

Republished with permission. Originally published by Elyse on her employee/jobseeker blog in 2009.

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