Digital interviews: see the best; hear the best; choose the best!


We recently started using digital interviews as a first step in our hiring process with candidates for select searches.

These recorded audio interviews provide 4 or 5 questions specific to an actual opening for one of our clients. The applicant has up to 3 minutes to record an audio response, giving more information about their qualifications and related interests. It’s convenient ~ even an employed jobseeker may complete this step without impacting their workday. It’s helpful ~ applicants have an opportunity to convey more than what a résumé or a cover letter would communicate. It’s handy ~ our recruiters can review more applicants in shorter time than individual traditional phone interviews … and send feedback to the applicant more quickly.

These digital interviews aren’t just better for our candidates and our recruiters. They’re also great for our clients who are hiring! We are able to generate a unique link to the digitally-recorded initial interview for any candidate we’re presenting to an employer, especially for a position that requires a professional presence and quick-thinking on the phone such as reception, customer service, or inside sales.

You see the best candidates as you review their persuasive résumé and the candidate profile we email to introduce them to you, after our more robust in-person interviews.

You may hear the best candidates as you listen to their responses about their credentials for your staffing need. This gives you a fuller picture of this prospective employee.

See them. Hear them. Then choose the best candidates for your own in-person interviews. Ask about digital interviews as a component of the search when you contact Frank’s Employment for your staffing needs!

Republished with permission (including modest content and format edits). Originally published by Elyse on our employer blog in 2014.

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