3 Tips on new employment law – KDHRA luncheon


Anthony Caruso, senior attorney for Wessels Sherman, presented “Key Employment Law Developments” as the featured speaker for our February meeting of the Kane DuPage HR Association.

Tony’s annual presentation on this topic is always informative and insightful. So it’s a challenge to select 3 “top tips!”

  1. The Illinois Workplace Violence Prevention Act, in force as of January 1, 2014, enabling employers to limit the access of potentially violent individuals to their workplace through an Order of Protection. In some cases, the employer “may have a duty of care under the General Duty Clause of OSHA or under VESSA,” as well as a common law duty to take steps to prevent violence in the workplace. Learn more about workplace violence prevention.
  2. The Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act allows “individuals with a valid license issued by the Illinois Department of State Police to carry a concealed handgun.” Private employers choosing to prohibit the carrying of firearms “must clearly and conspicuously post the approved sign at the entrance of the building or premises.” The Illinois State Police website offers more information on concealed carry signage.
  3. The Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act explicitly states that “‘nothing in this Act shall prevent a private business from restricting or prohibiting the medical use of cannabis on its property.'” Tony recommended that employers update employee handbooks and drug-free workplace policies to address the use of medical marijuana. Learn more about medical marijuana and business policies.

Thanks to Tony for these and other details on key legislation affecting employment and HR, especially for the state of Illinois. Thanks, too, to the staff of El Puente Mexican Restaurant for the hearty meal and friendly service.

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Republished with permission (including modest content and format edits). Originally published by Elyse on our employer blog in 2014.

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