3 Quick Tips for checking in with recruiters


Checking in with your recruiters can be awkward and daunting when you don’t have a specific job opening to discuss. It’s hard to know what to say that will favorably set you apart. Here are three quick tips to make your next call or email less awkward ~ and hopefully more productive.

  1. Give your name as it is on your resume.
    If your resume name is “Edward D. Smith-Harkin,” then be sure you identify yourself that way at the start of the call.  Just saying “This is Dan” because your friends call you that can lose precious time while the recruiter scrambles to figure out who you are.  If your phone number or email address has changed since your last contact, be sure to mention that as well.
  2. State that you are actively looking for new employment.
    Most applicants say something such as, “Do you have any jobs?”  Well, most recruiters (whether agency or in-house) continuously have active searches.  I think people ask this question because they don’t know what to say.  The purpose of your call is to give information about you.  So it’s better to say, “I’m checking in to let you know that I am still actively looking for new employment” or something similar.
  3. Give a brief example of the progress with your own search.
    Applicants sometimes forget during the check-in process that the recruiter’s work is focused for their clients and employers, not for finding work for you.  So sometimes frustration slips in and people say argumentative things such as, “I sent my resume a month ago. Why haven’t you called me?”  Again, I think people say this because they don’t know what else to say.  Since the purpose of your call is to give the recruiter new information about you, it’s better to say, “I have interviewed for two full-time customer service positions and hope to have feedback in a week or so. Thanks for keeping me in mind too.”  This conveys that you are actively looking on your own, while also reinforcing the kind of work that is your goal.  If anything has changed in your priorities (such as salary or commute expectations), be sure to mention this.

How often you check in with your recruiters varies from person to person; follow their lead.  For example, I appreciate having my active candidates checking in about once every 4-5 weeks by email or by phone.  Giving a short summary based on these three tips will provide the recruiter with pertinent information ~ and set you apart in a good way as a superstar applicant!  That’s what you want the recruiter to remember!

Do you have other questions about checking in with recruiters? Feel free to post a comment or send a message to me through the Contact Us function!
by Elyse Williamson

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