Opening doors for transparency in recruiting


Some questions our applicants ask we cannot answer. For example, over the weekend I received email inquiries from two individuals who hadn’t yet forwarded resumes but were interested in our advertised openings. One person asked to know the name of the employer hiring for a full-time Marketing position. Another person asked to know the intersecting streets for the location of the employer hiring for a part-time Office Assistant position. Those are questions that we can’t answer (due to client confidentiality), at least not at such an early step in the overall hiring process.

There are other concrete questions about our advertised openings that we can answer ~ and will gladly answer! Becky Perez (who leads our temporary placement), Dawn, and I recently talked about some of our applicant processes. I’m pleased to share that we’re in full agreement about choosing transparency for our recruiting and staffing processes as much as possible.

So, as of early April, we have a new practice in place. When a person contacts us with specific questions about an advertised opening or as follow-up after applying for such an opportunity, we will be happy to tell you the Frank’s consultant who is working on that search. We value our applicants and candidates, especially individuals motivated enough to ask questions and take initiative. This transparency helps to tangibly show our appreciation!

by Elyse Williamson

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