Opening doors for your job search success: Patti


Success in your job search happens from many small decisions and choices. Some might seem insignificant, but you never know! My experience last week with “Patti” reminded me.

Wednesday night – resume sent

Patti found our advertisement for a Legal Assistant position, which was a sponsored job on Using her Indeed account, she applied and sent her resume.

Thursday morning – resume received and reviewed

Thursday morning, Dawn (our administrative assistant) received Patti’s email, processed her resume into our database, and noted her interest in the Legal Assistant opening.

Later in the day, when I was working on this search, I reviewed Patti’s resume. What was forwarded to us by only showed one recent position in social work for a local organization – and no experience as an administrative assistant or legal secretary.

It happened to be one of those days that my schedule was pretty open and flexible. I had time to respond even when the resume wasn’t a fit with my client’s requirements, which I don’t always have time to do. I sent an email to Patti. First I thanked her for applying. Then I explained that her social service work would not qualify her as a strong fit for this opportunity.

Thursday afternoon – Patti’s choice for success

A little while after sending my “thank you” email to Patti, I received a lovely response from her. She thanked me for responding to her interest. She explained a little about what kind of work she’s interested in doing. Then she commented that perhaps the full resume hadn’t reached us, attaching it to the email reply.

This was Patti’s small-yet-brilliant choice for job search success. She read my email and realized from the content that maybe what the job board sent didn’t include her full work history. She didn’t respond defensively. Instead, she answered with courtesy and helpfulness, including a fresh copy of her resume just in case.

Wow, thank goodness she made that choice! Her full resume shows an outstanding career in administrative support, with work history that could be a perfect fit for this employer’s staffing need!

I couldn’t respond quickly enough once I noticed all of the career experience on the full resume that was missing from what the job board forwarded to us. I sent her a copy of what we received, just in case there was a way that she could tweak her online account for other employers to see.

Friday morning – next steps!

Patti’s helpful and insightful response to the job board’s error really helped to open the door for both of us. I met with her on Friday morning. I enjoyed learning more about her as a candidate and prospective employee. We talked in detail about this position. She completed our client-required skill assessments while she was here. I forwarded her resume and my notes to my client before the break for lunch. I’m hoping that she’ll have an interview with the employer within a few days!

It’s tempting to assume that only big choices make a difference for success in your job search. Certainly big choices matter – which jobs you apply for, how you present your background, how you prepare for an interview, and similar obvious steps. But Patti’s experience this week reminds us that sometimes it’s those little choices that unlock and open the doors of success.

by Elyse Williamson

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