Refer your friends for temporary work – it’s win, win, win!

We’re thanking our temporary employees with a new referral bonus program. We welcome and appreciate your referral of friends, neighbors, or former coworkers open to local temporary assignments. Your great referrals also make you eligible to be entered into a lottery drawing where the winner will receive $100 cash! We need skilled people with strengths… Read more »

My gardening surprise and your job search

Yesterday morning, while the maintenance guy serviced our home air conditioner, I took advantage of the bright sunshine and extra time to do a little gardening. My front flowerbed, extending 3-4 feet from the foundation of the house, is always the one I put off weeding, trimming, and tending because the soil is so poor…. Read more »

Opening doors for transparency in recruiting

Some questions our applicants ask we cannot answer. For example, over the weekend I received email inquiries from two individuals who hadn’t yet forwarded resumes but were interested in our advertised openings. One person asked to know the name of the employer hiring for a full-time Marketing position. Another person asked to know the intersecting… Read more »

Saying hello in public spaces – recruiting and confidentiality

His email was polite, but pointed: “I saw you at XYZ Restaurant today at lunch. Why didn’t you stop and say hello?” What a great question, especially since I had just interviewed this individual earlier in the week, knew his name, and recognized him immediately. I’m so glad he asked! The short answer to his… Read more »

Sweet surprises in recent interviews and hiring processes

Sometimes people inadvertently tell you exactly what you need to know. Connie Boland, former Office Manager for Frank’s Employment, used to say that to our staffing consultants to ease the frustration of an applicant whose choices disappoint us. Someone who schedules and confirms an interview, but doesn’t appear and doesn’t give us the courtesy of… Read more »

Let’s Thank and Celebrate Rebecca Before She Retires!

Rebecca Gundrum, our temporary placement consultant, will retire at the end of 2014. For more than 18 years, our client companies, temporary applicants, and in-house staff have appreciated and benefited from Rebecca’s positive outlook, can-do spunkiness, and customer service dedication in meeting temp and temp-to-hire staffing needs. Our staff will have a private event on… Read more »

Beware of staffing scam

Beware of an email-based staffing scam, presenting false and misleading information and seeming to represent a second – and legitimate – staffing agency. Rick P, a local candidate, recently forwarded such an email to us. The subject line was “Your Job Offer,” followed by a bogus ID number. It claimed to have been sent by Sonia… Read more »