Business references: three strikes and you’re out

I recently interviewed a bright, engaging individual with a great work history who seemed to be a perfect match for a leadership role with one of my client companies.  My client interviewed him and thought the same. Then we checked his references.  There were no negative references.  Even so, this seemingly qualified candidate self-sabotaged through… Read more »

6 great reasons to try temporary work if you’re unemployed

I have been shocked by the number of times I contact an unemployed individual to offer them suitable work as a Frank’s temporary, only to have them decline the work. The reasons people give as an explanation for the refusal often signal that they may not have considered or understood some of the positive ways… Read more »

Reflections on fairness in staffing

I’ll call him “Jay.” He’s a bright, lively, dear little boy nearing the end of his fourth year. He’s a member of my extended family. And what a joy he is. Jay and I have several special activities that we share together. We especially have fun playing cards. He is alert enough to grasp the… Read more »

Perseverance: life skills from the basketball court

I grew up in Indiana, so “Hoosier Hysteria” for basketball is more prevalent in my bloodstream than are red blood cells. As a graduate of Indiana University, it comes as no surprise to family and friends that I’m a huge fan of their men’s basketball team. I knew this would be a rough year for… Read more »