Opening doors for your job search success: Patti

Success in your job search happens from many small decisions and choices. Some might seem insignificant, but you never know! My experience last week with “Patti” reminded me. Wednesday night – resume sent Patti found our advertisement for a Legal Assistant position, which was a sponsored job on Using her Indeed account, she applied… Read more »

Opening doors for your job search success: Dan

Success for your job search doesn’t always occur in ways we expect. I didn’t think I’d hear from “Dan” again. I certainly didn’t expect to hear from him with a smile in his voice and a success story to share related to his job search. Autumn, 2017: first contacts I met Dan through a Regional… Read more »

Reflections on a perpetual job search

Continuing your search - a new trend

A recent study reported by the Washington Post disclosed that nearly three-fourths of US employees are actively looking for new employment. Some search for jobs occasionally, especially when something frustrates them in their current work or workplace. Others shop regularly and consistently. This active job-seeking includes individuals who have accepted new positions within the past… Read more »

Google job search function: AI has much to learn

In June, Google released its new AI-powered job search function. It searches major job posting sources (such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, Glassdoor, and similar sites), as well as individual employer and staffing agency websites. With Google’s powerful tracking of data, what’s not to love about finding so much information using one web tool? Right? It… Read more »

Celebrating our 60 year business anniversary: 1987 to 1997 ~ our fourth decade

60 years in business

Celebrating each decade of our 60 years in business, today we’re featuring the fourth decade. Craig Frank joins our team Craig started working at Frank’s Employment in 1986, just before the beginning of the 4th decade.  After graduating from Valparaiso University with a degree in Business Administration, Craig worked in industry for 10 years and… Read more »

Celebrating our 60 year anniversary: 1977 to 1987 ~ our third decade

60 years in business

Our third decade in business was definitely one of the most challenging! The fire in the 70s One night in the late 1970’s, a fire started on the 2nd floor of the Colson Building. This fire was in a storage closet next to Frank’s Employment and spread into the office before it could be contained…. Read more »

Celebrating our 60 year anniversary: 1967 to 1977 ~ our second decade

After a decade in business, Ruby Frank learned how to function and prosper in a “man’s world.” She started the business when women didn’t do things like that and she gained acceptance by being known as a competent business woman who was “one of the guys.” Along with running the business and raising a family,… Read more »

Celebrating 60 years: thank you from Jeanette

Business success over six decades depends upon a broad community of support. We’re grateful for the St. Charles municipal leaders over the past 60 years, as well as our police department, fire department, utility workers, and support services that make it possible for a business like ours to grow and flourish. Thank you from Jeanette:… Read more »