3 simple hacks to prepare for our office skill testing

skill testing

For many job seekers, the prospect of skill testing as part of the hiring process can feel pretty daunting. After all, as adults in the workplace we don’t experience structured testing very often. So this nervousness is natural. Here are three suggestions to help you feel more confident and prepared for our general office skill… Read more »

Move quickly to hire top candidates

Excellent candidates are hard to find.  When you find one, you need to move quickly. The economy has been improving, albeit gradually.  The pace of hiring improved noticeably this year, which has made the labor market much tighter.  Some employers haven’t caught on to this reality, however, and move too slowly to successfully hire the… Read more »

Refer your friends for temporary work – it’s win, win, win!

We’re thanking our temporary employees with a new referral bonus program. We welcome and appreciate your referral of friends, neighbors, or former coworkers open to local temporary assignments. Your great referrals also make you eligible to be entered into a lottery drawing where the winner will receive $100 cash! We need skilled people with strengths… Read more »

My gardening surprise and your job search

Yesterday morning, while the maintenance guy serviced our home air conditioner, I took advantage of the bright sunshine and extra time to do a little gardening. My front flowerbed, extending 3-4 feet from the foundation of the house, is always the one I put off weeding, trimming, and tending because the soil is so poor…. Read more »

Opening doors for transparency in recruiting

Some questions our applicants ask we cannot answer. For example, over the weekend I received email inquiries from two individuals who hadn’t yet forwarded resumes but were interested in our advertised openings. One person asked to know the name of the employer hiring for a full-time Marketing position. Another person asked to know the intersecting… Read more »

4 tips on social media and employment law – KDHRA luncheon

What an honor ~ and a challenge ~ to prepare the presentation on “Social Media and Employment Law” for the April meeting of the Kane DuPage Human Resources Association. In introducing the topic, I recommended that the HR professionals gathered for the meeting keep in mind three things: I’m not an attorney. How employment laws… Read more »

“Load More Results” button for our job board

Your computer or mobile device may have had problems loading content on the job board section of our website for the past few days. If so, you’re not alone! We have been working with our developers on this. It seems to be a regional issue, affecting several different internet service providers, as well as various… Read more »