Opening doors for your job search success: Patti

Success in your job search happens from many small decisions and choices. Some might seem insignificant, but you never know! My experience last week with “Patti” reminded me. Wednesday night – resume sent Patti found our advertisement for a Legal Assistant position, which was a sponsored job on Using her Indeed account, she applied… Read more »

Opening doors for your job search success: Dan

Success for your job search doesn’t always occur in ways we expect. I didn’t think I’d hear from “Dan” again. I certainly didn’t expect to hear from him with a smile in his voice and a success story to share related to his job search. Autumn, 2017: first contacts I met Dan through a Regional… Read more »

Reflections on a perpetual job search

Continuing your search - a new trend

A recent study reported by the Washington Post disclosed that nearly three-fourths of US employees are actively looking for new employment. Some search for jobs occasionally, especially when something frustrates them in their current work or workplace. Others shop regularly and consistently. This active job-seeking includes individuals who have accepted new positions within the past… Read more »

Opening doors for transparency in recruiting

Some questions our applicants ask we cannot answer. For example, over the weekend I received email inquiries from two individuals who hadn’t yet forwarded resumes but were interested in our advertised openings. One person asked to know the name of the employer hiring for a full-time Marketing position. Another person asked to know the intersecting… Read more »

Saying hello in public spaces – recruiting and confidentiality

His email was polite, but pointed: “I saw you at XYZ Restaurant today at lunch. Why didn’t you stop and say hello?” What a great question, especially since I had just interviewed this individual earlier in the week, knew his name, and recognized him immediately. I’m so glad he asked! The short answer to his… Read more »

Win + win + win = Carlton’s job search success

Sometimes simple actions make all the difference for job search success.  “Carlton,” a local applicant whom we recently placed in a great opportunity with a local client, is a perfect example of this. On Friday, he noticed and read our ad for a procurement position.  He tweaked his résumé content to better demonstrate exactly how… Read more »