Reflections on a perpetual job search

Continuing your search - a new trend

A recent study reported by the Washington Post disclosed that nearly three-fourths of US employees are actively looking for new employment. Some search for jobs occasionally, especially when something frustrates them in their current work or workplace. Others shop regularly and consistently. This active job-seeking includes individuals who have accepted new positions within the past… Read more »

Google job search function: AI has much to learn

In June, Google released its new AI-powered job search function. It searches major job posting sources (such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, Glassdoor, and similar sites), as well as individual employer and staffing agency websites. With Google’s powerful tracking of data, what’s not to love about finding so much information using one web tool? Right? It… Read more »

3 simple hacks to prepare for our office skill testing

skill testing

For many job seekers, the prospect of skill testing as part of the hiring process can feel pretty daunting. After all, as adults in the workplace we don’t experience structured testing very often. So this nervousness is natural. Here are three suggestions to help you feel more confident and prepared for our general office skill… Read more »